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Hosted Solution

Unprecedented Reliability
WebStudy’s track record of ZERO DOWN TIME for more than five years says it all. We manage and monitor an environment that operates at optimal levels so you can focus on the business of education without interruption. 

  • WebStudy was designed as a hosted system from inception
  • With WebStudy, there are no scheduled or unscheduled lapses in service
  • With WebStudy, there are no file usage or size restrictions
  • With WebStudy, your capacity is scalable in any increment, at any time,
    before you need it 

We know that typical maintenance schedules coincide with peak student study time. With WebStudy, you won’t inconvenience anyone – we manage it seamlessly.  

Information Technology leaders can trust WebStudy as a service provider to host, service and protect mission-critical and highly confidential institutional data. 

The benefits of WebStudy’s fully hosted system include:

  • Zero downtime delivery
  • Lower overall cost (as much as 50%) of operation
  • Totally scalable to meet new program needs without additional costs
  • Painless upgrades
  • Ability to launch new features and releases without need for new hardware
  • No customer downloads or testing required 

Hosting-related support and features for administration also includes:

  • Administration always performed online and accessible from anywhere through a secure administrator account
  • No purging of old course materials required
  • General institutional preferences such as language, time zone default and logo upload
  • On demand reporting
  • A powerful batch course replication tool that makes the rollover to a new semester quick and painless
  • Department maintenance
  • Grading system maintenance
  • Calendar session (semester) maintenance
  • Course level maintenance including course creation (GUI,.CSV, XML), course Meta-data maintenance and course replication with powerful batch replication tools
  • User level maintenance including user account creation, direct batch upload to a course and an XML conversion tool
  • Direct access to WebStudy Helpdesk ticket system through WebStudy Administrator interface
  • Online metrics and video usage metrics
  • Comprehensive course statistics for an entire semester
  • Cross browser and cross platform compatible
  • WebStudy LockedBrowser powered by Respondus 

As a hosted solution, no server hardware is required by the customer for WebStudy Learning. All administration, updating and maintenance is performed by WebStudy Technical staff. No resources are required by the institution. 

A WebStudy Learning license is all encompassing and covers, hosting, user access to all features and functions of the software and 24/7 support to the student level.

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