LMS Product Suite


WebFolio, is an integral part of the WebStudy Learning LMS.  It is a dynamic student e-portfolio that makes it easy for students to track academic and career goals. It allows students to log their coursework and assignments, keep track of progress toward academic goals and share their customized resume/portfolio with an advisor, career counselor or employer with a secure custom URL.

Webfolio is also:

  • User Centered: Students control what goes into WebFolio and who sees it
  • Easy to Use: WebFolio can pull information directly from coursework/content already entered in WebStudy Learning
  • Customizable: Students can create multiple views for a variety of audiences
  • Reflective: WebFolio encourages reflective thinking
  • Goal Oriented: Users can set, review, and revise goals related to their education, a course or a career path
  • Career Centered: WebFolio allows users to archive information about educational, volunteer, work and internship experiences

By giving students a tool to monitor their progress, WebFolio also empowers students to take responsibility for their own learning path—leading to an improved awareness of learning needs and better course completion rates. Many students utilize WebFolio to review their suggested learning path created in collaboration with their advisor and are prompted to complete assignments that will advance their future opportunities or help them in a job search.

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