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The Intelligent Hybrid

The learning process is NOT linear and neither is WebStudy Learning.

WebStudy Learning is more than software for distance learning; it is a new way of thinking about learning and the role technology plays in higher education. Our advanced software features can supplement your classroom with an intelligent hybrid, allowing students and instructors to access electronic course materials any time, anywhere.

Research shows us that breakthrough learning moments can happen in the classroom, but many times they happen somewhere unexpected — on the bus, at a football game or while lounging at home. That’s what makes WebStudy Learning so powerful. It enables you to transform classroom instruction into a dynamic process between you and your students —with the help of MyWebStudyTutor, which:

  • Creates an individualized instruction track for each student
  • Engages a need-it-now generation of students who expect to participate and be engaged as a key part of their education
  • Gives instructors tools to link learning activities to learning objectives
  • Enables instructors to more easily provide repetition, remediation and additional coursework
  • Gives students the freedom to learn at their own pace, in an anxiety-free way
  • Helps colleges more effectively and efficiently meet learning objectives

Advanced features of WebStudy’s intelligent hybrid technology empower educators to improve student performance in ways that cannot be duplicated in a classroom.  If a student needs additional support in a certain area, the instructor will be able to provide a customized learning track via online course material that is invisible to the student’s peers. On the other hand, if another learner needs to be challenged more, the instructor can provide an accelerated path for them to learn the course material in more depth.

With MyWebStudyTutor, WebStudy helps make learning more personal and engaging, resulting in a more valuable learning experience for all. Based on research in intelligent tutoring systems, this innovative tool creates customized learning paths to ensure that the highest degree of personalized attention is given to each student.

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