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Embracing the Learning Paradigm

Are colleges and universities in the business of providing instruction? Or is their primary goal to producing learning?

This question was posed by Robert Barr and John Tagg appeared in their 1995 article “From Teaching to Learning: A New Paradigm in Undergraduate Education.” This was a wake-up call for higher education, and other educators have written extensively on this topic over the past few years.

Under the “Instruction Paradigm,” faculty “classify” and sort students into those who are “college material” and those who are not. However, a college’s purpose is not to transfer knowledge but to create environments and experiences that bring students to make discoveries and learn for themselves.

Most colleges today agree: the Learning Paradigm finds the best ways to develop every student’s vast talents and clear the way for every student’s success. Learning can become more efficient and effective by taking advantage of how technology can fill the gaps, regardless of time and place.

With online learning, if one student needs additional support in a certain subject, the instructor will be able to provide a customized learning track for him/her via online course material that is invisible to the student’s peers.

From the start, WebStudy Learning was designed to give educators the freedom to organize coursework and the learning environment in ways that maximize student learning.

That’s why WebStudy is a proud sponsor of Focus on Learning: A Learning College Reader. This volume from the League for Innovation in the Community College compiles the best writing on the Learning Paradigm and the Completion Agenda.  For more information or to order a copy of this publication, click here.

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