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Features and Functionality

WebStudy Learning Management System (LMS) is more than a simple package of course materials.  It is a dynamic, interactive learning environment that helps students grow, especially those who do not excel in a traditional classroom environment.

It reaches beyond classroom walls with synchronous and asynchronous capabilities, live streaming video and audio, fast and flexible course construction, easy course replication and an unmatched content repository. Diverse features enable educators to build dynamic, high-quality e-learning experiences.

Plus, WebStudy Learning is all-inclusive, incorporating all the features and functionality your college or university needs, including:

WebStorium – A library for storing, cataloging and managing instructional materials, audio clips, video segments and any content file, for easy access to all materials.

CourseStream – Manages and delivers streaming audio/video.

CourseLive – Create interactive synchronous learning segments.

WebFolio – A real-time student portfolio that helps students reflect on their learning paths.

MyWebStudyTutor – Intelligent tutoring technology that targets learning materials to students who need remediation or a challenge.

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Features and Functionality

The unique features and functionality of WebStudy Learning are designed to mimic the way teachers teach and students learn. This provides educators with the right technology tools and learning solutions for:

Course Delivery Tools within WebStudy Learning

WebStudy Learning allows educators to create course modules based on a session-driven architecture. This is fully integrated with the instructor’s and institution’s content repositories, as well as an exportable Grade Book. Plus, every course has extensive multi-media capability including audio/video discussion forums, oral assignments, and more.

Communication Tools within WebStudyLearning include a discussion forum now with audio/video posting and reply. Other useful tools include:

  • Asynchronous discussions – forums
  • Synchronous discussions through CourseLive Conference and whiteboarding
  • Powerful internal email feature with optional forwarding to external email – free of junk mail, spam,viruses and student changes in email addresses.
  • Live Chat will all-class paging for the instructor
  • News and announcements with feature for mandatory acknowledgment (Read confirmation)
  • Team tools including private discussion Forums and private synchronous meeting areas

Productivity Tools within WebStudy Learning give educators the ability to easily track the progress of each course and the progress of each student.

  • The Dynamic Timeline allows Instructor to control progress of the entire class by allowing or disallowing any individual student to progress at their own speed. The instructor can require a student to complete all of the work assigned before allowing/disallowing a student to proceed to the next section of the course.
  • The Grade Book saves you time, since it is tied to discussions, assessments, assignments and team collaboration.
  • Through the advanced features of MyWebStudyTutor, an instructor can control individual student’s progress based on their comprehension level.
  • Instructor can follow each student’s work closely by examining Student Logs, which show detailed student’s progress as they navigate within WebStudy.

Student Involvement/Engagement Tools within WebStudy Learning include live audio and video, a shared white board, community networking, and WebStudyFolio, a revolutionary way for students to chart their career path.

A key engagement tool is CourseStream high quality audio and video streaming, which includes the ability to:

  • Bookmark media to provide just the pertinent video clips for a specific learning session.
  • Digitize for multiple players (Windows or Mac)
  • Digitize for multiple speeds (dial-up and broadband)

Content Development Tools within WebStudy Learning include course templates, batch replication of courses, control of course templates based on defined instructor training levels, as well as:

  • LTI 1.1 compliant
  • Support for (SCORM) material
  • Course Backup in IMS compliant XML format
  • A commitment for 100% 508/ADA compliance
  • Ability to add widgets within a course
  • Support for publisher e-packs
  • Third party application integration to support functionality including offline test preparation and dynamic Powerpoint conversion for presentation within the integrated whiteboard, turnitin originality checking, Software Secure’s Remote exam proctor, Authen2cate, and secure locked browser support for testing
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