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LMS Buying Tips

How do we select the perfect LMS? What are the materials needed to build an LMS that meets the needs of your instructors and students? Take a look at our tips.

1. Intuitive, familiar interface. Choose an LMS that operates on a graphical user interface your faculty and students will feel comfortable with.

2. Innovative yet useful features. An LMS should solve educational problems – like addressing the need for remediation and acceleration in the same class – not simply store course materials.

3. Outstanding service and support. Your new LMS should provide 24/7, live technical support any day of the year. Technology removes education from the constraints of a 9-5 schedule; support should follow suit.

4. Simple and affordable pricing. Administrators can save themselves time and money by choosing an LMS with “all-in” pricing. Why pay more to assemble a complicated LMS solution from piecemeal features?

5. By educators, for educators. Was your LMS developed by educators or opportunistic techies? Pick an LMS that was built on and responds to the needs of instructors and students.

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