WebStudy was created through student-professor collaboration between Daniel Franc and Douglas McConatha, Ph.D. and had its origins in an educational consortium that aimed to improve distance learning in the tri-state (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware) area. Today, WebStudy principals Gisele Larose and Curt Corbi have more than 15 years of experience in the field of e-learning and lead an international team of associates with successful track records in information technology, product management and software development—led by Pavel Sanca—as well as training, web design, and higher education.  Joining the WebStudy team in 2012, Michael S. Adams now presides as its president.  Mike spent much of his career in media developing cutting edge operations using the latest content distribution and technological platforms throughout the United States, Europe and South America. Prior to his role with WebStudy, Adams was the founder and a Managing Director of Plum Media Management a Philadelphia-based management firm working with clients worldwide to develop new business strategies and seek growth opportunities.  Mike is a graduate of Loyola University  in New Orleans, Louisiana.  He is also a fellow in the Loyola Institute of Politics.

From its origins, WebStudy has created the “Perfect Storm” for the convergence of enterprising talent, technological know-how and a passion for education. Corbi was influenced by parents who were educators, and the company has always put the needs of educators first. He also brought 40+ years of Information Technology experience to the table, resulting in the fully hosted approach for which WebStudy Learning is known.

Besides creating software and services, WebStudy Inc. has created a vision for 21st Century educational institutions seeking to position learning as a strategic asset. WebStudy is dedicated to using the latest learning research to bring leading edge, effective technology solutions to in-class, blended and online distance education.

WebStudy’s past President Gisele Larose frequently speaks on student engagement and the use of technology to reach every student at their individual level. She believes LMS technology must go beyond information storage and retrieval to enrich the educational experience for students of all levels and strengths.

Read on to learn more about the Origins of WebStudy and how it was created through a student-professor collaboration.

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