We are the LMS provider focused on maximizing student engagement and retention through the most cost-effective technology-based learning platform.  It is inherent in who we are and everything we do.


WebStudy, Inc., is a technology service provider committed to maximizing student engagement and retention in higher education. The company’s flagship Learning Management System (LMS) product, WebStudy Learning, was developed through a student-professor collaboration and had its roots in an educational consortium in the Mid-Atlantic region. Because of its academic origins, WebStudy Learning mimics the way teachers teach and students learn.

WebStudy sets itself apart from other LMS providers with a fully hosted solution, a track record of zero downtime and 24/7 Helpdesk that provides unparalleled training, service and support to its customers. Plus, WebStudy is the only LMS to offer “All-In” product and pricing—so that all features, training and maintenance are included, and there are no costly upgrades or budgetary surprises along the way. The WebStudy Learning  product suite seamlessly integrates technology both in and out of the classroom to empower faculty, engage students and enrich learning.


WebStudy’s mission is to maximize student engagement and retention in higher education with the use of technology to enrich learning.

Now more than ever, student retention and engagement in higher education must be given top priority if the U.S. hopes to compete on a global scale. Studies show that American colleges today have poor retention rates compared to other countries such as India and Japan, and American students are lagging internationally using math and science exams administered by the American Institutes for Research (AIR). (See WebStudy White Paper for more information)

Our belief at WebStudy is that engaging students with technology is imperative if retention is to be improved in American colleges. There are ways to help students stay connected with their school, their instructors and advisors and stay on track for graduation. A college’s choice of LMS provider/technology partner could turn the tide, in their rates of completion and the success of future generations.  

WebStudy has never wavered in its commitment to put academic excellence first, and to build technology to support it. Our belief is that the most sophisticated technology is of no value if instructors and students are unable to use it.

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