WebStudy’s User Group provides a constant stream of tips, tricks, suggestions and “wants” that allow WebStudy developers to continually enhance our hosted product to keep pace with your issues.


WebStudy’s history of long-term relationships with clients and partners is strong and continues today, as part of its mission to improve student engagement and retention in higher education. WebStudy is a user-driven organization with an active User Group that is instrumental in discussing desired changes, driving product upgrades and sharing training approaches.

The WebStudy User Group Community allows users to connect and collaborate via live and virtual meetings, newsletters, discussion boards and annual updates. Through these channels, members stay on the leading edge of the latest shared knowledge and connect with the developers.

WebStudy also seeks out alliances with people and organizations on the leading edge of learning. Sponsorship of the groundbreaking Learning College Reader is just one example of WebStudy’s deep involvement in higher education and the challenges we face—challenges that will not only have an effect on learning, but also a lasting effect on the success of future generations.

WebStudy has committed its own resources to research on student engagement and retention. In fact, WebStudy past President Gisele Larose released a white paper about how “Engaging a New Generation with Technology is Key to America’s Future.” As a frequent speaker on student engagement and the use of technology to reach students, Larose believes LMS technology must go beyond information storage and retrieval to enrich the educational experience for students of all levels and strengths.

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